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Lamou Van Lam Vissay is a German actor and singer-songwriter with Vietnamese/Laotian roots.

He acted in 18 movies and several theater plays in Germany, and had the main role in 4 TV-series and 3 feature films in Vietnam.

Since 2013 he lives in Hanoi, where he recently started to work on his first solo debut album. He sings English, German, French and Vietnamese songs in different styles. They are quite difficult to put in just one shelf. The stories changes every time the moment he tells it. Though it’s never the same the core remains. Come to see yourselves.

Be it stories, poems or songs, in the non-working days writing became a great passion.
He loves science fiction. He meditates from time to time (too less he admits) and if possible, once while he does a 10-day Vipassana meditation course. 

Because richness can not be taken into the afterlife, he tries to get along without his elbows, but fight injustices.

Why he should be chosen for whatever you can think of you can see here: