It’s out my first official MV “I was wrong/Tôi đã sai

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Have a look on my current video:

The song “I was wrong” is about equality between women and men. I wrote it after I saw there is still a huge gap after living in both world, in Vietnam and Germany.

Men should stop being jealous and selfish and start to understand that women shall have the same rights like men, enjoying their lives as much as men do, coming home late or go to parties and drink beer.

If there will be more then 10 million views in a month time starting on the 9th of March I promise to give away and donate 500 million VND (approx. 22.500$). 250 million I will give it to the film crew of Hethon creative, 250 million for charity. I will choose 10 families which goes through hard times and an organisation who supports the youth and women in Vietnam as recipients.

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