Lâm Vissay

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Lam Vissay is a German actor and singer-songwriter of Vietnamese/Laotian descent. 

Be it in stories, poems or songs, Lam spends much of his time living within his passions, forever searching for that next unique idea or feeling. But taking this path has caused him to make sacrifices along the way…

“If I followed my parents wishes, my life may have been more secure. But it’s unclear if I would be happier, probably not. I do feel very happy that I am able to do what I want. Being an artist, I am able to breathe my passion…”

After taking a ten day Vipassana course, Lam has found much comfort and inspiration within meditation, although perhaps participating in this less often than he should! He encourages others to spend more time ‘within themselves’, where the answers can be found.

bhavatu sabba mangalam

May all beings be happy