MV Toi da sai/I was wrong

MV Thang Dien/The crazy man

MV Nuoc mat em lau bang tinh yeu moi

MV On your side

Lâm Vissay on Soundcloud

Lâm Vissay is a German actor and singer-songwriter with Vietnamese-Laotian roots.

After countless film and theater productions in Germany and Vietnam he calls Saigon his hometown where he is currently recording his first Album: 

“Quên luôn hết đi”.

His musical influences are Damien Rice, David Bowie and Muse. 

Lâm Vissay:

“I like to take the audience through a musical journey with my songs and share with them the story behind. If everyone goes home with the feeling that they had a nice entertaining night and heard some soulful songs that inspires them, I am more than happy.”

Music Genre: Indie, Folk, Alternative, Rock-Pop, Jazz

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